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Who designed the shaft and what are their credentials?

Many shaft companies use off-the-shelf designs from outside vendors. Our Product Development team is led by John Oldenburg who in his 20 plus years designing composite shafts, has been responsible for over 25 major wins and several hundred wins of the world’s major tournaments.

Who actually makes the shafts?

While many companies offshore manufacturing to sub-contractors, sometimes using several vendors for the same models that specialize in commodity level shafts, every LA Golf Shaft structure is made in our own facility to exacting standards using USA sourced materials.

Where are they made?

Every LA Golf Shafts structure is made in the USA, making LA Golf Shafts the only company to make a full product line in the USA.

What is the structure under the paint?

Many shaft companies us the same or similar decals on different models and the shafts on Tour may or may not be the shaft you receive. With LA Golf Shafts, the shaft you see on television is exactly the same as the shaft you see in your local store and our website.

What is the difference between LA Golf Shafts and others in the market?

LA Golf Shafts is unique in many ways. 

*We are the only shaft company owned by Tour players.

*We are the only company to design and manufacture in the USA with American sourced materials.

*We are obsessed with authenticity. We do not water down our designs for any reason. Every piece is a tour quality piece, regardless of player profile.

What is the difference between the shafts I receive in my shipment and the shafts used by Professionals?

Nothing. Full stop. If it has our logo on it, it’s a “Real Deal” structure.

What is the difference between an X-flex and TX-flex shaft?

Though many in the industry create wholly separate products for tour players, LA Golf Shafts does not. The only difference between LA Shaft’s products X-Flex and Tour X-Flex is additional stiffness in the same manner we increase stiffness between all the other flexes.

What is an EI Profile or Bending Profile?

A bending profile is a summary of the distribution of stiffness over the length of the shaft. This summary describes how a shaft will bend when loaded with energy in the swing and how it will release that energy just prior to impact. This profile plays a role in the technical aspect of the ball flight produced and how a shaft feels to the player Finding the right profile can dramatically increase your repeatability, distance, and accuracy.

What should I order?

If you are certain of the shaft model, weight and flex you want, you can use our customizer to make it personalized right here on our site. If you are unsure, it is always best to go to a qualified fitter and get in in depth analysis on a launch monitor. Our fitting partners are knowledgeable, professional, and highly capable of pinpointing an ideal structure.