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LA Golf Shafts Technology

LA Golf Shafts Technology


OFS: White Tie

White Tie is the softest feeling with a mid torque. Offered in the widest variety among OFS. The White Altus hybrid and iron shaft is exclusively offered in 65g. This shaft is for the golfer looking to achieve maximum carry with lower spin rates.

OFS: Red Tie

Red Tie is designed to fit the widest range of golfers. With a smooth feel, low torque, and mid ball flight and spin rates, this shaft fits all swing speeds. Red Altus hybrid and iron shaft is exclusively offered in 85g. Its is designed to achieve a piercing flight with a mid-descent angle to balance carry and roll.

OFS: Black Tie

Black Tie represents the most popular EI profile on the professional tours, producing a tour trajectory most tour players seek. The stoutest and lowest torque among OFS, this shaft does not sacrifice feel for stability. Black Altus hybrid and iron shaft is exclusively offered in 105g. With the low flight and spin characteristics. Created for golfers with faster swing speeds looking for a lower ball flight and spin rate.

Made in the United States. This extended HD design with INTERPLY HYBRID TECHNOLOGY is truly a world shaft. The shaft includes high-modulus carbon fiber pre-preg from the USA, two full-length layers 118-thread count Russian Boron, ballistic Zylon from Japan, and omni-directional GMAT from the United Kingdom. The application of these technologies, along with the materials utilized make for an incredibly unique shaft in performance and feel.

Promoting a low to mid launch and low to mid spin rate, this shaft epitomizes the ball flight players look for. The extended HD and unique feel of the materials provides maximum ball speed, control and feel.

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Unidirectional Carbon Prepeg
Ominidirectional Carbon Mat

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